Cutting Back on Blogging

I’ve made the decision to cut back on my blogging for awhile. I still plan to blog often, multiple times a week, but not every day. First of all, because we’re at that point where things are pretty similar day to day. And secondly, because it’s hard to keep up blogging + everything else on a daily basis. Big L has expressed a desire to stay up later with me. I can’t blame her. A bedtime suited for a 3yo is not the same bedtime I’d give a preteen. I’ve already set the expectation that if she wants to stay up, she needs to take some time to do her own thing– read the Bible, do a puzzle, journal, etc., but I would also like to spend some of this time with her. AND get to bed at a reasonable hour. Blogging on a daily basis is the thing that needs to go right now.

My mom built the kids a teepee. So cool, right? And, Lena, Big L and I now all have matching toenails. Lena asked me this morning if I’d paint hers. I told her that I would in the evening, after I was done working. So, the second I was outside, away from my laptop she said, “Are you done working?” “Yes.” “Will you paint my nails?!?!” And then later, she told my mom that she looked “Adorable” with her nails painted.


These two being silly together. It’s so sweet.

And the month of June is almost over. Another month crossed off on my 365.


What a month. It was very full of excitement! I’ll do a separate blog post on my must capture list for June and my must capture list for July.

One thought on “Cutting Back on Blogging”

  1. Wow! I lost your blog for a while, and now I had some catching up. Thank you so much for the posts about your hosting experience this far! It reminds me so much of our first summer with our host child, then 11 years old. Our children were all younger, and I remember the awkward moments, the acting mature yet being younger, the braveness…. I hope you will have a great summer without too many hard moments (we have had our share and some…)!

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