Your Feet Smell Beautiful

Can you tell I’m running out of post names? But, that is a direct Lena quote from today and you’ll understand why at the end of the post.

We started off our day with those beads that you iron together. Only Reed, Lena and I made something.
The one on the left is Papa and the one on the right is Reed.


We made bracelets.
Big L picked red, white and blue for her bracelet colors. America?

We played bubbles…

hopscotch and basketball.

There was a water balloon fight.

More Bubbles.

Lena picked out Big L’s dress today (as well as her own).

One of my favorite things that Big L and I did today was use the Memrise app on my phone. It is for language learning and I’ve been trying to learn Russian. You can also play it on a computer. I’ve been practicing it for quite awhile. So, I pulled it out in front of her and she got close, curious to see what it was. I said the word in English and tried to say it in Russian. She’d correct my pronunciation or occasionally even shake her head at my hopelessness. But, by the end of the night, she was quietly copying my English pronunciation, too. She is very slowly becoming bolder with her English.

I’m also noticing how carefully she watches my parenting. She will follow me inside, if I have to take one of my kids in. She watches me intently, perhaps waiting for a big punishment. I only wish she understood my words, so she could hear “you are welcome to come out and talk to me whenever you feel ready to make good decisions.” I want her to know that there is no violence coming. That even being “in trouble” will probably get you a big hug when you are ready for it.

And, she watched me play with Gus for awhile tonight. We saw on the grass together. He was upset, so I started singing. She watched us with a smile on her face as we sang Old MacDonald, Bingo, and Skinamarinky Dinky Dink.

Fireflies. I saw them come out, so we started hunting. It is truly magical to see a familiar experience through someone else’s eyes. Hers got huge when she saw them light up.

At bedtime, I pulled out our essential oils. I promise this isn’t a commercial– that thought didn’t cross my mind until now, but my friend Amy did a great post on essential oils recently. Purchasing through her links benefits her adoption. Anyways, I’ve recently started trying them, particularly a Young Living one called “Peace and Calming”. This is a different brand than the one Amy sells, but I think they are both good brands. I purchased it in hopes that it might help my wild sleeper, Gus.

Tonight, I pulled it out and went one by one, giving each kid a foot rub. Reed and Gus first. When I did Gus’s feet, Lena announced “Gus, your feet smell beautiful!” Then Lena, then lastly, Big L. I wasn’t sure if she’d let me, or tell me that she didn’t want it. But, instead, she put her feet in my lap and let me rub it in. She just smiled, uncertain. Will the essential oils really help the kids sleep better? Who cares. The real message is: I love you right down to your dirty feet.

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