Hosting Auction

A sweet friend of mine has put together a joint online auction to help us and another family raise the funds for hosting. We’ve had a ton of wonderful donations and I’m so excited to share it!

Here are a few of the awesome items in the auction. A few. There are so many more, so you should go check it out!

For the mama in your life:



Clockwise from Top Left: Starfish shirt (Women’s Large), Vanilla Honey Brown Sugar Scrub, Superman was adopted shirt (Adult Small), White Chewbeads.


For the little caregiver in your life:


Left: “Let everything you do be done in love shirt”, Kids Large. Right: (toy) Mai Tai Carrier from the Crazy Kukla Boutique.


For the little lover of all thing pink and purple:



Clockwise from Top Left: Doll Bedding Set from the Crazy Kukla Boutique, Necklace from Miss Polly’s Pearls, Matryosha doll headband with removable bow, and a Rapunzel inspired tutu from Jillian’s tutu boutique!


The auction is running until Monday, May 12, at 10am PST.  Come and bid!

Kid’s Carnival

We met up with some friends at a kid’s carnival on Saturday. It was small and not very busy, but it was just my speed. I love doing fun stuff with my kids, but I cannot stand crowds. So, it worked out well.

Big brother helped little brother out with some of more difficult things. 


After the slide, we headed over to a large inflatable obstacle course. The attendant said, “I don’t know if the littlest one climb the big wall.” Referring to the last challenge, a high inflatable wall. I told him to let him go, and we’d see. Gus was already starting the challenge and there’s no stopping that kid.

Gus struggled a bit with this first part of the obstacle course, a smaller set of inflatable tube-like things that he kept slipping under. So, Reed helped him over that part.

But the “big wall”. Reed tried to help him with it, but he wasn’t able to get up it himself and help Gus up. It was too tall for Reed to either boost him up from below or pull him up from the top.

So, Gus did it by himself! And got to enjoy the slide on the other side.


Lena enjoyed the obstacle course, slide and other activities, too, but she really wanted her face painted. The line was really long, but she was certain that she wanted it, so we waited.

And, she got to become a butterfly.


She was so happy with her face paint.

How was your weekend?

April Updates

Another month is down in my 365, taking a photo every day for a year.

April was an exciting month for me. I passed the halfway point in the year. I also started Moose Prints and got my first prints from a real, professional lab. And, I took many of my new favorite photos this month.


April 2014 Must Capture:

  • At least 5 Objects that I touch everyday
  • April Showers (the rain kind)
  • Macro (taking photos of little things– like flowers)

Did I complete my “Must Capture list for April”? Um, no. I totally forgot about the “5 Objects I touch everyday”, which was supposed to be a way to keep up the 365 in the last bad-weather month and capture some details of my life. But, I don’t mind that it didn’t happen. I’m pretty pleased with what I did capture.

May 2014 Must Capture List:

  • End of the School Year
  • Start of Summer Fun
  • May flowers

Other April news, we made our first deadline for our hosting fundraising! We had to raise $1400 by May 1, and we, with the help of all of YOUR generosity and a God who is bigger than any wild deadline, had $1530 raised by the end of May 1st. We still have $1170 by June 1. We have an auction coming up and of course, you can still order prints or book a mini-session from Moose Prints.