Kid’s Carnival

We met up with some friends at a kid’s carnival on Saturday. It was small and not very busy, but it was just my speed. I love doing fun stuff with my kids, but I cannot stand crowds. So, it worked out well.

Big brother helped little brother out with some of more difficult things. 


After the slide, we headed over to a large inflatable obstacle course. The attendant said, “I don’t know if the littlest one climb the big wall.” Referring to the last challenge, a high inflatable wall. I told him to let him go, and we’d see. Gus was already starting the challenge and there’s no stopping that kid.

Gus struggled a bit with this first part of the obstacle course, a smaller set of inflatable tube-like things that he kept slipping under. So, Reed helped him over that part.

But the “big wall”. Reed tried to help him with it, but he wasn’t able to get up it himself and help Gus up. It was too tall for Reed to either boost him up from below or pull him up from the top.

So, Gus did it by himself! And got to enjoy the slide on the other side.


Lena enjoyed the obstacle course, slide and other activities, too, but she really wanted her face painted. The line was really long, but she was certain that she wanted it, so we waited.

And, she got to become a butterfly.


She was so happy with her face paint.

How was your weekend?

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