Hosting Auction

A sweet friend of mine has put together a joint online auction to help us and another family raise the funds for hosting. We’ve had a ton of wonderful donations and I’m so excited to share it!

Here are a few of the awesome items in the auction. A few. There are so many more, so you should go check it out!

For the mama in your life:



Clockwise from Top Left: Starfish shirt (Women’s Large), Vanilla Honey Brown Sugar Scrub, Superman was adopted shirt (Adult Small), White Chewbeads.


For the little caregiver in your life:


Left: “Let everything you do be done in love shirt”, Kids Large. Right: (toy) Mai Tai Carrier from the Crazy Kukla Boutique.


For the little lover of all thing pink and purple:



Clockwise from Top Left: Doll Bedding Set from the Crazy Kukla Boutique, Necklace from Miss Polly’s Pearls, Matryosha doll headband with removable bow, and a Rapunzel inspired tutu from Jillian’s tutu boutique!


The auction is running until Monday, May 12, at 10am PST.  Come and bid!

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