April Updates

Another month is down in my 365, taking a photo every day for a year.

April was an exciting month for me. I passed the halfway point in the year. I also started Moose Prints and got my first prints from a real, professional lab. And, I took many of my new favorite photos this month.


April 2014 Must Capture:

  • At least 5 Objects that I touch everyday
  • April Showers (the rain kind)
  • Macro (taking photos of little things– like flowers)

Did I complete my “Must Capture list for April”? Um, no. I totally forgot about the “5 Objects I touch everyday”, which was supposed to be a way to keep up the 365 in the last bad-weather month and capture some details of my life. But, I don’t mind that it didn’t happen. I’m pretty pleased with what I did capture.

May 2014 Must Capture List:

  • End of the School Year
  • Start of Summer Fun
  • May flowers

Other April news, we made our first deadline for our hosting fundraising! We had to raise $1400 by May 1, and we, with the help of all of YOUR generosity and a God who is bigger than any wild deadline, had $1530 raised by the end of May 1st. We still have $1170 by June 1. We have an auction coming up and of course, you can still order prints or book a mini-session from Moose Prints.

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