Changing Seasons


If you actually pay attention to my Photo 365 page, you’ll notice that I always write a “Must Capture” list for the upcoming month. I try to keep it pretty simple and apart from not getting out for star photos in February, I’ve done a fair job of meeting my goals.

One of my goals for March is to capture the “Changing Seasons”.

My mom informed me yesterday that my daffodils were blooming… shortly before we were supposed to get a “wintry mix”. That’s life in the Midwest. They often say “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.”

I can’t lie– I really enjoyed capturing these. I took theseĀ using my extension tubes, like I did with the snowflakes.


I went out both before and during the “wintry mix”.


Bunny, probably as sick of winter as we are.


Thanks for making it through my photo overload!


I don’t announce on here when we go out of town for the obvious reason… safety. So, instead, I’m telling you now that we’re home– we just got back from a roadtrip. I should and will break it up into a few different posts to share where we were, but here’s a few photos from our travels.

Ready to go. He has his cup, his blanket, and his doggie.

… you can also consider this my plug for extended rear facing. Yay for safety. He has a mirror which he is using here to watch himself make funny faces.

Some of our travels.
On the left is a very new bridge. Anyone recognize it?

One of my favorite things about a long road trip. Stretched out, feet up.

I think the history of the Mail Pouch tobacco barns is interesting.

One very beautiful sunset.

So, more to come. Anyone want to guess where we went? It’s somewhere we’ve been (and blogged about) more than once as a family!

Junie B. Jones

Lena brought a book home from school. She was so excited to tell me all about it. “It’s Junie B. Jones!”

She then proceeded to ask one of her friends if he’d had the pleasure of reading Junie B. yet and then read the first paragraph out loud to me.

Then this happened…

Unfortunately, I’ve been warned about Junie B. Jones and that maybe she’s not the best book friend to have. Lena herself said “Junie says bad words” and someone else described her as “rude”. A quick Google searched also pulled up a book review titled “The Assassination of Junie B. Jones.” Uh-oh. Might be time to find a new book.

Dinner Dates

We have a regular dinner date with some friends of ours. We hit it off with them the first time we met. Gus and Adrian weren’t part of our families yet, so it’s extra fun to see how all of the kids play together now. They get along so well and I’m always thankful for the adult company.

[Lena got these glasses as part of her Sonic Wacky Pack. The suit her. I’m calling her Looney Luna Lovegood, which I consider quite a compliment.

This little man doesn’t always keep up with the big kids, but he enjoys when he does.

As if fun times weren’t enough, I also enjoy the ease of bedtime after all of that running around.