I don’t announce on here when we go out of town for the obvious reason… safety. So, instead, I’m telling you now that we’re home– we just got back from a roadtrip. I should and will break it up into a few different posts to share where we were, but here’s a few photos from our travels.

Ready to go. He has his cup, his blanket, and his doggie.

… you can also consider this my plug for extended rear facing. Yay for safety. He has a mirror which he is using here to watch himself make funny faces.

Some of our travels.
On the left is a very new bridge. Anyone recognize it?

One of my favorite things about a long road trip. Stretched out, feet up.

I think the history of the Mail Pouch tobacco barns is interesting.

One very beautiful sunset.

So, more to come. Anyone want to guess where we went? It’s somewhere we’ve been (and blogged about) more than once as a family!

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