What a Week

“It’s been a long week,” I thought. . . and then I realized it was Tuesday.

That about sums it up.

I found this new app “The Bible App for Kids”. I don’t usually download a lot of kids stuff and let my kids play with my phone often, but this is a cool app.

It has simple Bible stories broken down with a bit of text and a short game/animation.

It’s free, so I downloaded it out of curiosity, but my kids really like it. The animations are cute and for young kids who don’t play a lot of digital games, they’re perfect.

I told Gus that he could come and sit next to me while I worked and play with my phone. And this quickly happened.

These two. Sometimes, they act like friends/siblings and other times, she mothers him.

He asks about her as soon as we drop her off at school in the morning. “Vya school?”



And, here she is, just being cute.

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