Late Night

Gus is an awful sleeper. He wakes up often and for long periods of time.

I haven’t figured it out yet. I’ve tried a weighted blanket, melatonin, cutting out food dyes, cutting out naptime… I’m down to two possibilities: food intolerance (to something major that is in everything– wheat, corn, dairy, eggs?) or pushing back bedtime.

Both of those are difficult for different reasons and I’ve been avoiding testing either one of them. So, if anyone has any wonderful ideas for getting a 3 year old to sleep at night, let me know.

Tonight, I took a video of a piece of our conversation. I think it’s cute, but I might be biased. However, Gus also says “I so funny”, so if the kid who stars in it thinks it’s funny, it must be, right?

I think he might finally be asleep again, so yay for that.

One thought on “Late Night”

  1. I used to keep a bunch of CDs and a CD player my oldest daughters room (on a high shelf she couldn’t reach) and each night go to the next one in the line of them for her to listen to before bed. Some of them were stories on cd some of them were music some of them were musical stories and I would put them on repeat mode to play until she fell asleep. Rotating them worked for us because she got familiar with them but never bored and there was never an argument/conversation/decision to be made about which one to listen to (just another stall technique for her) because she knew we went in the order they were on her shelf. Worked wonders for settling her down before bed, gave her some much needed quiet, alone time, and we both loved it as part of her routine. Might be worth a try!

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