I have a love/hate relationship with the age 2. He is often completely delightful– talking in full sentences, asking for kisses, and wanting to cuddle. He tells me “I funny, mama. I funny.” And he is! I’ve told him that so many times that he’s started to say it himself. Then, other moments, he will be freaking out about something silly. Here’s a meltdown from yesterday.

He wanted Lena’s toy horse, but when I handed it to him, he’d throw it down the stairs again. Then, yell and scream at me to get it for him.

This is how Lena did her homework today. In a tiara. Of course.

We are still at it with the advent calendar. Apparently I messed up the days, though, and today’s was a random act of kindness! Fortunately, it was an easy one.

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