A Fairy Princess Birthday

I wanted to do something special with Lena for her birthday, so I researched some events going on around her birthday. I found the Fairy Princess in Kansas City. Perfect! She had told me that she wanted a Princess birthday, so I knew she’d love this.

First, the kids get their picture taken with the fairy princess. This is Lena’s that I scanned. Then, they wave her magic wand, a box opens and they get to pick a bag– with a crown inside!

She needed to switch crowns and then got to go do crafts.

After she was done with crafts, she got to pick out a cupcake and we headed home. Telling me over and over again, “That was fun, mama! That was fun!”

Once home, we opened gifts– what we had gotten her and what my mom had sent. We got her a book, a coloring book and a set of princess themed legos, all at her request. My mom got her one of the recordable Hallmark books which she recorded herself reading, and a cute little outfit. She announced that each gift was “awesome!” and shared what she loved about each.

When she was free, I took her outside to snap the picture of her in the snow in my previous post and I took a couple of other quick shots of her.

For dinner, we had her big quest of chicken nuggets, french fries and cake. Our much-loved babysitter Amanda joined us for dinner and gave Lena a home-made hat and each of the kids a pack of Christmas stickers.

She loved this part.

My 6 year olds, all ready for bed.

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