Capturing October: Treat (and the Louisburg Cider Mill)

Some friends told us about the Louisburg Cider Mill last year and I have been wanting to go ever since.

There’s so much fun there for kids.

Lena took 2 trips down. The first she slide off the side and the second time, she slide in to this little girl! Oops! The kids tended to go off the side of this slide. Gus, on the other hand, figured out how to manipulate his weight by leaning to stay on it! I was pretty impressed.

His first hay ride. Do you think he liked it?
Leading us through a corn maze! I think all corn mazes should be renamed maize mazes.

Wild leaps off a pile of straw.

We had the wonderful company of my aunt and uncle. They live very close and we always have a great time with them.

Lena LOVES her Aunt Jenean.

Giant jumping pillow!


And today’s picture for treat. We planned to get some yummy cider treats, but the place was packed! Instead we got Sonic. Reed got to finish Uncle Bob’s Root Beer Float.

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