Capturing October: Cozy

We finally kicked Gus out of our bedroom. He is not a good sleeper. He wakes up often. Not totally awake, but just enough that he moves around or talks and wakes us up. I couldn’t do it any more.

He’s now in our guest room. It will be easy enough to set up the pack and play in our room when we have company, and we will get better sleep the rest of the time! On top of that, our guest room is more out of the way in our house, so he’s less likely to wake up from other people moving around in our house. Yay!

We went to Oregon Trail Nature Park today. Aaron and I have been here a couple of times, but we’ve never taken the kids before.

There’s a long hike up, up, up.

And then you get this “lovely” view.
Welcome to Kansas, y’all. We have beautiful sites. Overlooks for our energy plants.

There’s a bench, where you can sit on your brother’s lap.

Then, we went to a little lake to wait for it to get dark enough to capture the stars. Aaron found this area, which is supposed to be one of the best places to see the stars. We planned to camp here for my birthday a few weeks ago but the weather never cooperated.

This sky was beautiful.

Waiting patiently.

It was perfect.

I love the Milky Way. I think it looks like the sky is being ripped apart, but in the most beautiful way.



And then we took our covered wagon home.
IMG_3495 copy

One thought on “Capturing October: Cozy”

  1. These are awesome. Too bad they don’t make those benches bigger so two people can sit beside each other.

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