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School’s Out

School’s Out! Oh wait, school’s been out, but I’m just really behind on my blogging.

Actually, Gus has been out of school for over a month now. And Reed and Lena, over two weeks.

All three of them had great years.

This was Gus’s first year in school. He is so well loved there. After Aaron had taken him to school a few times, he said “everyone knows Gus there… not just in his class, but in the whole building!” Gus’s classroom is in a large building with offices, adult classrooms, etc. Yes, I told him, that’s because he’s Gus. He makes himself known! I was surprised how much more focused he was at his spring class program than the winter one, singing along, saying his lines. He actually said one of his lines TOO early so his teacher had to ad-lib the script a bit.

Lena had a great school year, too. Her teacher is exceptional and really recognized Lena’s gifts. Lena is a great reader. She’s also gained a lot of confidence this year. For a girl who had no understand speech in any language at 3 years old, she’s made incredible progress!

Reed matured a ton this year. Both his classroom teacher and one of his specials teachers remarked how he’d gone from being a follower, always in the center of “fun” (even if that’s trouble) to be a leader who makes wise decisions, even if that means going against his friends. He has a remarkable worth ethic. While he has been practicing Ukrainian this summer, he pulled out a notebook to take notes… and filled it with page after page of notes!

Glad everyone had a great year and now we’re ready to enjoy summer. 🙂

My Kindergartener

Reed started school today. He was excited and ready to go.

He even made me a little reminder so I wouldn’t get into any trouble while he was at school.

Can I just pause for a minute here and tell you to jump back and look at THESE photos from last year, before we move on to this years photos?

So tiny!

Ready for school!

With his best friend and his “knuckle boy”.

So, how did he do? If I was going off of purely my own observation, dropping him off and picking him up, he was okay. Definitely seemed nervous and overwhelmed. But, he tells me it was good. He got to have 2 snacks and he made 2 friends. He had a tuna sandwich, salad and broccoli for lunch. He played “applesauce” which is sitting criss cross applesauce.

Round 2, tomorrow.

Superman’s comeback and calling all questions

Reed starts full-time kindergarten on Thursday. FULL-TIME. This was a big decision for me… I made the big mistake of mentioning it on Facebook. But, ultimately, he is eager to go to school. There were a lot of factors which played into my decision– the personalities of the 4 of us who are home all day, how our day typically goes, etc. and I think this is the best decision.

We spent most of last week preparing for school– physical at the doctor, getting all of the paperwork together, buying school supplies… we were pretty exhausted at the end of each day. We also had our first post placement visit for Gus. Basically the social worker came to our house and chatted with us about how everything is going.

Gus is still teething. He is getting at least 3 teeth right now, 1 canine and 2 molars. He doesn’t love me poking around in his mouth, so that is just what I have seen and felt. Gus and I both have colds. Actually, I think have cold-ergies. A cross between a cold and allergies.

Do you remember those super cute shirts we sold back in the fall? My kids love these shirts. Lena tries to wear hers every day and Reed has been known for wearing it and then putting it back with his clean clothes, so he doesn’t have to wait for me to do laundry.


Gus looks pretty cute in his, too, right?

Well, my friend KJ is selling them now, to bring home her son, also from Eastern Europe. If you want one, NOW is the time to order. Go to KJ’s blog, read the details and buy a shirt! On sale until August 31.

I haven’t been blogging a ton, largely because I am just too tired to put together a post which makes a lot of sense. I just gave up with this one. But, does anyone have any questions you’d like me to answer? About adoption? Or anything else? I will try my best…