My Kindergartener

Reed started school today. He was excited and ready to go.

He even made me a little reminder so I wouldn’t get into any trouble while he was at school.

Can I just pause for a minute here and tell you to jump back and look at THESE photos from last year, before we move on to this years photos?

So tiny!

Ready for school!

With his best friend and his “knuckle boy”.

So, how did he do? If I was going off of purely my own observation, dropping him off and picking him up, he was okay. Definitely seemed nervous and overwhelmed. But, he tells me it was good. He got to have 2 snacks and he made 2 friends. He had a tuna sandwich, salad and broccoli for lunch. He played “applesauce” which is sitting criss cross applesauce.

Round 2, tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “My Kindergartener”

  1. Reed and Lena’s transformation over the past year is stunning. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for “baby” Gus too.

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