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If you want to…

Preschool is all set up. It is a private, Christian preschool. We would not qualify for the free preschool through the district and this is a bit cheaper than the district preschool option.. plus we don’t have to wait to find out if we qualify for this.

We went to meet with the teacher today and ended up staying for about an hour. Her grandkids and niece’s daughter were there too and Ilya and Lena were just having a lot of fun playing. Ilya had been hesitant to begin with, so I wanted him to remember having a good time with the other kids. I think Lena is going to be very upset that she doesn’t get to go, but she still has another year before she starts kindergarten and I don’t really want to juggle taking them both (one would be in the morning and one in the afternoon) and the cost for both of them. I think we’ll probably send her when she’s 4, too.

When we asked Ilya yesterday about going to school and what he thought, he told us “Maybe later.”

We’ve also been talking to Ilya about his name and what he wants us to call him. He seems to be leaning towards “Reed”. I am not sure if it’s because it’s a new name to him, or if he’s tired of people mispronouncing Ilya (he’s corrected people before). He told me twice that he wanted the teacher to call him Reed, so that is what she’s going to do. He also said he wants me to call him Reed, but I’m having a hard time getting used to it. When I asked Lena what she wanted to be called, she told me “Reed.” When I told her that wasn’t an option, she decided to stick with Lena.

Now that we’ve set it up, I’m not so sure that Ilya needs preschool. He might have to teach the class himself. Here is a video of him reading to Lena… it was a bit longer, but Flickr cuts if off at 90 seconds…

Name Pronunciation

We get asked how to pronounce the kids’ names occasionally. I think both pronunciations are typical… Lay-nah and Il-yah. But, I thought you might enjoy a video of Ilya saying them for you. He says them both with his adorable accent and I think he says their names much better than we do!

The Name Game

I thought I’d blog about something fun, after all of the other stuff I’ve blogged about lately.

As you may or may not know, Erika and Ilya are not their real, legal names. They’re names made up by Andrea at Reece’s Rainbow to list them on her website. We, Reece’s Rainbow included, legally cannot share their legal names publicly. But, we do know them.

We also decide that we were going to give them different names. Our plan for naming them is to chose a different first name, one that we love and agree on, for each of them, and make their legal first name their middle name. That gives them the option, if they’d ever want to, to go by their first first name. Our social worker agreed that this is a great way to give them a name special to us and keep their heritage.

The problem is… boys names. We picked out the name that we’ll give Erika without much trouble. It was one of my favorites and Aaron loved it. But Ilya’s name is so much harder for us. Our requirements are: the name is not completely obscure (like in the top 500 names), we both like it and it doesn’t sound stupid with our last name. We have a name that we agreed on, but there is another name that I LOVE and it has meaning. Aaron only thinks it’s okay.

Some of my favorite boy names which have been eliminated: Oscar, Asher, Jude, Peter, Oliver (I love names that end in an -er sound but they generally don’t sound great with our last name.)

Aaron’s favorite boy names which have been eliminated: Ryan, Luke, Adrian.

So, does anyone want to suggest some boy names?