Name Pronunciation

We get asked how to pronounce the kids’ names occasionally. I think both pronunciations are typical… Lay-nah and Il-yah. But, I thought you might enjoy a video of Ilya saying them for you. He says them both with his adorable accent and I think he says their names much better than we do!

5 thoughts on “Name Pronunciation”

  1. He's so precious! I am envious of his skin color and light blonde hair. I have the hair, but I'd love to have his skin tone. Gorgeous!I love his little accent! And I'm glad you kept on calling them these names, because they are cute cute cuuuuute!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comment. And, can we trade kids please?? I stopped following your blog last fall when we travelled to Ukraine and things got crazy (I'm sorry!!!), and I didn't know how unbelievably adorable yours are. OMG!!!! What a beautiful family you make!!! :)Thanks for being so nice and sweet!!Kari 🙂

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