Development Screening

Ilya and Lena had their development screenings through the school district. Ilya passed everything, but he had some trouble with the color test. Lena also had trouble with that. She said it could be the language barrier or fine motor skills and not related to seeing colors. I don’t think they have any difficulty as they can easily recognize colors at home. Their only other recommendation for him is that we continue working on sounds with him, but he passed the articulation screen.

Lena passed her vision test and the early screen inventory (motor skills, language, etc). However, they want to check her hearing again and continue screening her for speech and articulation to see if she might need assistance in that area. She passed the middle-ear screening and the visual inspections of her ears was fine, but the hearing test in her left ear is what they’re concerned about. We are going to do a more in-depth hearing test tomorrow.

The only thing that surprised me was that Ilya passed his articulation screening. Not that he is very difficult to understand, but he does struggle with certain sounds. I am not surprised that they said Lena is having a hard time with articulation… I honestly would not be surprised if she does have some sort of hearing loss. She sometimes struggles to repeat sounds we make, even trying them over and over again.

I am very curious to hear how her hearing test goes tomorrow… I am fine with whatever the results are, but I am ready to know so we know how to move forward. The audiologist asked me to prepare her for it by getting her familiar with who Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are and playing a game where she puts coins in a cup when she hears “beep”. I showed her the characters and tried to play the coin game with her. She was far more interested in putting the coins in the cup than waiting for me to tell her. Right now she is sitting here with the coins putting them in the cup and dumping them out again. I am waiting until she loses her fascination with them to see if she’ll listen to me then.

4 thoughts on “Development Screening”

  1. Use something she can eat, and tell her she can eat however many go in her cup when she hears a sound. Bribery at its finest.AG also failed her hearing test but in the follow up testing, she did fine. Not sure what the issue was.

  2. How exciting to get those tests done and figure out exactly where they're at and what they need help with. Even though I'm sure you already knew where they needed a little extra help, it's always nice to hear a professional tell you if you're on the right track or not. I hope everything comes back ok with Lena's hearing. But if not, at least you will know what the problem is and have a solution. You met my nephew who has bilateral hearing aids and they have made a world of difference for him. He was so excited when he got them because he could actually hear! Let us know how her test turns out.

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