Lena’s Hearing Test

Lena had her more extensive hearing test today. She cooperated so well for the whole thing, sitting there nicely and paying attention to the audiologist. The audiologist said that she does appear to have mild hearing loss in both ears, but it could be related to her not understanding the tasks. But, she did seem to be doing very well with everything. She had blocks which she put in a bucket whenever she heard the tone. The audiologist asked us to come back in six months to retest her and see if she has the same results.

Lena does struggle to pronounce certain sounds, but overall, she seems to do fine hearing. I am not very concerned as we do not even know for certain if she does have hearing loss. Even if she does and needs hearing aids or some other kind of assistance, I don’t think it is a big deal. If mild hearing loss is the greatest of our problems, we’re doing okay.

Lena really caught on and enjoyed the coin game yesterday, in preparation for her hearing test. I got out the headphones I got for her for her plane ride home, hooked them up to my computer and used this website to try a bunch of different beep sounds with her. I put the computer on my lap so she could not see if I was clicking. At the school, it was a bit different, but it was the same concept and she caught on quickly.

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