The Name Game

I thought I’d blog about something fun, after all of the other stuff I’ve blogged about lately.

As you may or may not know, Erika and Ilya are not their real, legal names. They’re names made up by Andrea at Reece’s Rainbow to list them on her website. We, Reece’s Rainbow included, legally cannot share their legal names publicly. But, we do know them.

We also decide that we were going to give them different names. Our plan for naming them is to chose a different first name, one that we love and agree on, for each of them, and make their legal first name their middle name. That gives them the option, if they’d ever want to, to go by their first first name. Our social worker agreed that this is a great way to give them a name special to us and keep their heritage.

The problem is… boys names. We picked out the name that we’ll give Erika without much trouble. It was one of my favorites and Aaron loved it. But Ilya’s name is so much harder for us. Our requirements are: the name is not completely obscure (like in the top 500 names), we both like it and it doesn’t sound stupid with our last name. We have a name that we agreed on, but there is another name that I LOVE and it has meaning. Aaron only thinks it’s okay.

Some of my favorite boy names which have been eliminated: Oscar, Asher, Jude, Peter, Oliver (I love names that end in an -er sound but they generally don’t sound great with our last name.)

Aaron’s favorite boy names which have been eliminated: Ryan, Luke, Adrian.

So, does anyone want to suggest some boy names?

8 thoughts on “The Name Game”

  1. Your children are so adorable! I do love the name "Isaiah" for a little boy. Zachariah and Elijah are cute too…although none of those end in "er"–you had "Oliver" on your list too. That was my Grampa's name–and he was a pretty special man! Not a name I hear often–but it is making a comeback. Cannot wait to hear the names you choose for your little cuties!

  2. Picking out names is so fun, although I think you should follow your heart and go with Truman. :)To be serious, here are some names I think are fun: Jake, Max, Nathan, Cameron, Thomas or Tom, Gabe, Landon. As I started reading your post, I actually thought of the name Luke – a little scary. I love that you'll keep their original name as their middle name, I think that is a great idea.

  3. Ryan and Luke are my brother's names!! I love all of both of your names!!! You could do Julian instead of Jude… That's what I plan on doing, and using Jude as a nickname.

  4. I have a friend who's son's name is Kael, and I LOVE IT! The other one is Bryce. Both I think sound good with Parker! Just found your blog, am playing catch up as well!

  5. Oh I love boy's names, some of my favorites are: Alex, Martin, Mark or Marcus, Elijah, Caleb, Kevin, Derek, Thomas or Tom, Andy, Seth, Dave or David, Benjamin, Isaiah, Jacob or Jake, Sean, Ethan.. Too many? haha

  6. I love Oscar, but if your looking for something different, what about Daxton, Kelton, Mason, Keaton…I am a sucker for names ending in on I guess and all of them go with ParkerDaxton Parker and you could always call him Dax for short.Kelton ParkerKeaton ParkerMason ParkerHow fun! Good luck picking!

  7. My little boys' names are Jonah and Lucas, names I obviously love. I know you've already eliminated Luke. I also love the name Seth, Elijah, and Isaiah.

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