I am so glad that I asked you all for name suggestions– it’s a lot of fun reading everyone’s input. I think taste in names shows a lot about a person. Keep the names suggestions coming! I love hearing what you all have to say. BUT, I think we agreed on a name. Woohoo, I am so glad.

We’ve decided to share their names with you, but not in this post! Later today or tomorrow, I am going to share a project I am working on with you, which is also a hint about the names we picked out, and then you can all guess. Ha, I am mean, I know.

In the meantime, I am going to share the other fun projects I’ve been working on for Erika and Ilya…

We got so many towels for our wedding– some that we had registered for, and a bunch that we didn’t. There were a couple that still had the tags on them. Then, I saw the Prudent Baby Hamptons Hooded Towel Tutorial! I have been trying to improve my sewing skills and learn to work with different materials… this was so much fun to make. I just wish I had a cute model for it!

There are so many great tutorials on Prudent Baby, but I have only been sewing for a few months and had no experience with things like piping and bias tape. So, once I finished up the hooded towel, I decided to give bias tape a chance, and make Erika a cute little wrap skirt.

Someone asked awhile ago how their room is coming along– the answer is, it’s not. We have been housing our foster dog in there, and using it as a guest room, so I have not yet painted it, or moved out the bed that we aren’t going to keep in there. But, I saw this tutorial for pinwheels awhile ago.

I made a bunch of these! So easy. And we had all of the supplies around our house. All it takes is fabric, poster board, spray glue and hot glue. I also added buttons to finish it off. Actually, even the two other projects, I spent less than $10 between them.

We’ve also been hitting up garage sales for some clothing and toys for E&I. I found lots of girl’s clothes. I’ve also gotten a bunch off of the clearance rack at Target. But, boys clothes are a whole different story. At garage sales, there either aren’t any or they are over priced. Well, until yesterday. My sister in law called to say that she hit the toddler boy clothing jackpot! She got us a bunch of stuff… thanks, Rachel!

I was at Goodwill yesterday– working on my anniversary present for my husband… don’t worry, it’s not as weird as it sounds! And, I walked over by the little kid’s shoes. I saw these, a miniature version of something my husband would wear, for 50¢. Of course I HAD to buy them…

There are a few of the fun things I’ve been doing. I found myself getting frustrated with paperwork and fundraising, so I’ve been trying to enjoy some fun things too.

2 thoughts on “Projects!”

  1. I too love buying boots for little boys. My hubby always wears boots so my boys have had a pair of boots in every size. Unfortunately, I've given most of them away already, but now I know in the future to set them back for your son. And here's the reason there are no boys clothes at garage sales. It's because boys get dirty, put holes in their jeans, and have all manner of stains all over their clothes! I rarely have things in very nice condition after they've gone through both of my boys. But I consider it a good thing that they are such active, outdoors kids because then I know I'm doing something right;) I will be setting aside any clothes that happen to make it through both of my boys for your son from now on.

  2. I want to make those pinwheels and that skirt! Such great projects, thanks so much for sharing them, Molly! Cannot wait to hear the name you guys picked!

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