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The Name Game

I thought I’d blog about something fun, after all of the other stuff I’ve blogged about lately.

As you may or may not know, Erika and Ilya are not their real, legal names. They’re names made up by Andrea at Reece’s Rainbow to list them on her website. We, Reece’s Rainbow included, legally cannot share their legal names publicly. But, we do know them.

We also decide that we were going to give them different names. Our plan for naming them is to chose a different first name, one that we love and agree on, for each of them, and make their legal first name their middle name. That gives them the option, if they’d ever want to, to go by their first first name. Our social worker agreed that this is a great way to give them a name special to us and keep their heritage.

The problem is… boys names. We picked out the name that we’ll give Erika without much trouble. It was one of my favorites and Aaron loved it. But Ilya’s name is so much harder for us. Our requirements are: the name is not completely obscure (like in the top 500 names), we both like it and it doesn’t sound stupid with our last name. We have a name that we agreed on, but there is another name that I LOVE and it has meaning. Aaron only thinks it’s okay.

Some of my favorite boy names which have been eliminated: Oscar, Asher, Jude, Peter, Oliver (I love names that end in an -er sound but they generally don’t sound great with our last name.)

Aaron’s favorite boy names which have been eliminated: Ryan, Luke, Adrian.

So, does anyone want to suggest some boy names?

Erika & Quinn’s Room

This does not relate to our adoption process, but I wanted to share it since we just closed on our house yesterday! We are slowly moving in. One of the things I have been thinking about is the room which will be Erika and Quinn’s. We planned this out as we prepared to move in. I am nervous that they will end up not coming home, and I sort of feel that planning out their room before we even complete our home study is “putting the cart before the horse”. But,  I can’t help having ideas. We don’t know Erika and Quinn at all, beyond their photos and description, so basically, I am dreaming up a totally awesome room for a 2-5 year old boy or girl. Good plan?

We chose this room for a very specific reason. Not proximity to the bathroom or master bedroom… or the great natural light… No, we chose it because of the odd doorway to the small closet-like space. Seems totally weird?

A few months ago, I saw a photo of a hidden playroom– someone had a space like this and they cut a hole in the back of an armoire and used that as a “door” to the playroom.

Doesn’t it just scream… Narnia??? I think our space is probably smaller, but oh well… I know when I was younger, I loved secret places and forts.  If they don’t like it, it would still be a convenient place to toss all of the toys when someone is coming over!

There are a lot of other things that I’d love to incorporate in their room…  my some of my all time favorite fabrics are the sock monkey fabrics by Moda. I would love to base the rest of their room around those fabrics.

I think that it will be aqua and red– which sounds like a hideous color combination, but it is actually super cute.

A less feminine and more kid-friendly version of this… I just love the barely blue walls with the bright red curtains.

So is it totally crazy that we are already planning this out? It’s not like we have started buying things for their room, but I love to be thinking about these things.

Another FAQ

One that I forgot earlier…

Are they siblings?
Biologically, no! But, hopefully, they will be someday! We considered some sibling groups, but they were either too large or the special needs of the children were too great or they were too old for us to adopt or something else entirely. I do not know the details of either of their placement in the orphanage yet, but many orphans in Eastern Europe are “social” orphans (where the parents cannot care for the child for some reason, as opposed to “true orphans” where both parents are dead).


How old is Erika?
I’m sorry that I forgot to post that! She is two- her birthday is December 8th, the day after Aaron (and of course Rachel’s!).

How long ’til you have them home?
First, there are no guarantees. We can’t be sure that we will bring them home! Although we have talked to a home study provider and done other researcher that points to us being able to complete the adoption. But, anyways, on average, an adoption in their country takes 7 months. I’ve also heard anywhere from 6mo to 15mo!

How can I help?
We have had so many people ask us this, and we are so grateful to have such fantastic family members, friends and even acquaintances. Honestly, I have been amazed by how supportive everyone is! If you are in Kansas and have clothing, toys, whatever for kids about their ages and are willing to part with them, that would be great. The less we have to buy, the better.

I recently added the place on the right where you can help fund our adoption… and we would be so grateful for financial support. Adoption is super expensive. BUT, I also know that there are causes a lot greater than ours, organizations where your $ will reach more people… and there is no guarantee that we will be able to bring them home.  If you feel called to give to us, can spare the money, would like to donate to our adoption instead of giving us a Christmas or birthday present, please do… that would be great. If you would like to support another organization that supports adopt, check out Reece’s Rainbow. You can also donate to us through them(let me know if you need the details on how to do that), and if our adoption does not go through, any money donated to “us” through them will still stay in Erika and Quinn’s fund to find another family… if you decide to do that, when you donate, please either use our names or Erika and Quinn’s, as well, as there is currently another family with the same name currently working with them.

Also, please share our blog and pray for us!

The end
Please let me know if you have any other questions. I’ll do my best to answer them.

More photos

I mentioned in my post yesterday that we do have more photos of both Erika and Quinn. I found an older photo of each of them from before the missionary visited their orphanage. I also found several photos of each of them on another website.

Little Quinn. He looks like a child of the 80s here… I think it is the shirt.

Little Erika. I love this photo. I think that she looks so much more like a baby here… even though she’s clearly a toddler… gotta love that belly.

I think, in all, I have about 10 photos of Erika and 15 photos of Quinn. A missionary sent me a bunch of photos of Quinn and some photos of their orphanage… if you request, I will email you photos… otherwise, I will just slowly share them with you here.

Erika & Quinn

We have OFFICIALLY committed to adopting two children from Eastern Europe. I was going to write some long story about how we chose them, but I decided to skip the monologue and get to the cuteness… sound good?

As you may know, we were looking for children between 2 and 5. We were thinking that if we were going to adopt two children, we wanted them to be a couple years apart in age and preferably a boy and a girl. And… (I feel like we need a drumroll)

We committed to adopting Quinn…

There is something about that big smile that drew me in! Quinn is almost four (in five days). There was a missionary in his orphanage in March, and she wrote: This guy likes to be the center of attention. He is full of fun, smiles and laughter. He is very energetic and he seems to be needing a lot more attention than he’s getting. He is very playful and laughs easily. Really cute kid. He would have been quite happy to crawl all over me and cling to me the entire time.”

As if he isn’t cute enough, we also committed to adopting Erika…

How adorable is she? From the same missionary, “She is a quiet, pretty girl. She likes playing outdoors. She was very curious about us. She seems very sweet.”

I have a few more pictures of them… I will have to post them at some point, or you send me an email and I will send them to you!