Six Months Home

We’ve been home for six months today… woo hoo! Life has changed so much. It’s hard to see the progress all the time, but they’ve grown so much.

First night in their new home.

First whole day home… Christmas!

Seriously, I can’t believe we survived the last 6 months. At certain times, at least.

Taken a month ago, enjoying their first ice cream cones.

So far today, we’ve had a really good day. Actually, it’s been laughably ridiculous with crazy drivers and the stroller nearly rolling down the side of the levee. But, for the three of us, it’s been a good day.

Aaron had a talk with Reed (which Reed himself has decided he wants to be called with no pressure from us) and Lena, yesterday about the different kinds of people– family (describing the four of us), relatives, friends and strangers. He talked about how they need to check with us before interacting with strangers, etc. I always roll my eyes a bit. These conversations are usually about something I’ve told Aaron we struggled with during the day. And he’ll talk to them or just one of them, depending on what it was, and I see no improvement the next day. So I’m a bit jaded. Well, my mom paid a cleaning lady to come to our house today (thanks, mom!). We hadn’t met her before. Reed turns to me after seeing her and says “Mommy, can I say hi?” I am so impressed! He remembered and came up with the words to ask me! He also is usually painfully shy and just stares at new people, so this was great progress from both angles.

I watched some Christine Moers videos last night… such a good refresher course on parenting. My favorite and the one I tried out with my kids today, was this:

I tried it today… it works. I was shocked, but whispering to my kids made them focus on me even more. Eye contact and all. We were in the parking lot at the grocery store and I was trying to get Lena in her car seat. Reed was being a space cadet and starting to walk behind the car.  In my usual stern, moderate voice, “Reed, I need you to listen to me. Reed, I need you to listen to me.” And then I tried the whisper, “Reed I need you to listen to me (turns towards me and looks at me) and stay close to the car. ” “Okay.” I’m sold.

2 thoughts on “Six Months Home”

  1. I'm glad that you all are doing so well and that you are staying positive about all of the adjusting. It is so *hard* for everyone and I've heard that the first six months are the hardest…. so here's to some happier and easier times ahead! :-)Cynthia

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