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Boys and Broken Hearts

In regards to my post about little men, I just want to say that I don’t judge why anyone picks a particular child. That is none of my business. I have lots and lots of respect for all the families adopting from this orphanage and I am certain that they picked the right child(ren) for their family.

But, my heart is still broken for the boys. Where are their families?

I’ve gotten a couple of interesting responses to my that post. It’s not just me who sees this. It’s not just this orphanage or this country. All over the world, including in our own country.

There are so many factors which make a child adoptable, it seems. Age, special needs, description, referral photo. Why in the world is gender one of those factors?

Being here has only strengthened my desire to fight for these children. Especially the boys.

I would like to challenge you to pray the prayer “Break my heart for what breaks Yours.” I will warn you though, be prepared. You may end up half a world away like we are!

Lost Little Men

First of all, I want to give all of the other families who have adopted or are committed to adopting a children this orphanage a disclaimer. I am NOT calling anyone out. I don’t mean this to offend and I am not questioning anyone’s decisions. But, it has really been on my heart lately.

Why not the boys? We know of SEVEN families adopting or who have adopted girls from this orphanage, including us. And ONE family who has adopted a boy, also us.

James. David. Kristopher. Cody. Peyton. Andrew. Daniel.

Some of their names.

They all still wait.

Our son and James, who we observed today, they’re just “little men” as our facilitator calls them. They wrestle, they jump, they throw things. They’re like all of the other little boys I’ve met, but without a mama and a papa.

The thing about little men? They NEED a mama and a papa.

That’s what we see in our son. He is demanding, bossy, and pushy. Yet, as we’ve gotten to know him, we’ve seen that he is loving, helpful, protective and sensitive. He needs guidance.

Julia writes passionately for the lost boys. My heart has been stuck lately on the lost men.

The lost men these boys grow up to be. After 18 years without a family. Without security. Without anyone willing to cross an ocean for them.

What do you think? Why don’t these boys have families? What kind of men will they grow up to be?


We spent a lot of time with James from Reece’s Rainbow today. He was waiting for his babushka to come visit (and she never showed up). And so he was in the same room with us. I’d love to see this adorable little man find a family. If anyone wants to know what he’s like, get in touch! He’s all boy, totally sweet and adorable.

No Camera and James

You all are going to be mad… I forgot the camera today!

James from Reece’s Rainbow came by and played with us today. He was waiting for his grandmother to visit, as I could understand. And she never showed up. 😦 He is a very cute little boy. He and Ilya are buddies and were wrestling and throwing things at each other– having a lot of fun like little boys do. He seems like such a sweet little boy. I know there is a family out there for him. Who is it?!?!

I’d be happy to tell any interested mamas and papas more about him. He is about 6 months older than Ilya and is about the same size, maybe even a tad bit smaller than him. 
The boys got pretty crazy. It was all a bit overwhelming. Lena just sat on my lap for awhile and we watched them. She clearly gets overwhelmed when things are a bit crazy… just wait til you get home and meet the dogs, Lena! 
For past few days, the kids have had a new game, running up the hall away from us. It is a bit exhausting and really just no fun for us grownups. I am really ready for “gotcha day” when we take them out of the orphanage. 
I should have clarified yesterday… I am not homesick, just ready to go home. That might not make sense, but you know how when you go on vacation, you reach a point where you’re just ready to go home? Like that. I was totally exhausted today and I have a sore throat right now. I am missing the comforts of a grocery store with 30 different kinds of orange juice and the deliciousness of American comfort food.