3 thoughts on “Great News About Celia!”

  1. WOOHOOO!!! Slava Bogu!I have seen her picture for months, I cannot believe how much she has changed. She is gorgeous! While her RR photo was cute, I dont think it shows how beautiful she truly is! Her smile is radiant. Im so glad she has a family coming for her.

  2. I'm super excited, too! Talk about springing her at the last possible minute – yikes that was close. She was going to be transferred in January but Not Any More! Yippee.

  3. Hey Parker Team! We are the family heading over to adopt Celia! We are very excited, and appreciative of Bethany's efforts. We may cross paths in Ukraine. As crazy as this sounds, we were recently in Lawrence. My wife was raised in Lawrence. The run that you speak of was happening while we were there and we were walking around downtown wondering what it was for. Duh!Anyway, Celia is going to have a great home with three big brothers to smother her with love, as well as mom and dad. We will be praying for you all. Many blessings, McCoysSend us your contact info at tollforthee@gmail.com and we will get in touch. You will have an SDA appointment before us, but not too long before us.

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