No Camera and James

You all are going to be mad… I forgot the camera today!

James from Reece’s Rainbow came by and played with us today. He was waiting for his grandmother to visit, as I could understand. And she never showed up. 😦 He is a very cute little boy. He and Ilya are buddies and were wrestling and throwing things at each other– having a lot of fun like little boys do. He seems like such a sweet little boy. I know there is a family out there for him. Who is it?!?!

I’d be happy to tell any interested mamas and papas more about him. He is about 6 months older than Ilya and is about the same size, maybe even a tad bit smaller than him. 
The boys got pretty crazy. It was all a bit overwhelming. Lena just sat on my lap for awhile and we watched them. She clearly gets overwhelmed when things are a bit crazy… just wait til you get home and meet the dogs, Lena! 
For past few days, the kids have had a new game, running up the hall away from us. It is a bit exhausting and really just no fun for us grownups. I am really ready for “gotcha day” when we take them out of the orphanage. 
I should have clarified yesterday… I am not homesick, just ready to go home. That might not make sense, but you know how when you go on vacation, you reach a point where you’re just ready to go home? Like that. I was totally exhausted today and I have a sore throat right now. I am missing the comforts of a grocery store with 30 different kinds of orange juice and the deliciousness of American comfort food. 

One thought on “No Camera and James”

  1. I'm sorry you're not feeling good, it is no fun to be sick when you're away from home. Hopefully they'll have one awesome kind of orange juice for you! I hope you feel better soon and that time flies to gotcha day!

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