Lost Little Men

First of all, I want to give all of the other families who have adopted or are committed to adopting a children this orphanage a disclaimer. I am NOT calling anyone out. I don’t mean this to offend and I am not questioning anyone’s decisions. But, it has really been on my heart lately.

Why not the boys? We know of SEVEN families adopting or who have adopted girls from this orphanage, including us. And ONE family who has adopted a boy, also us.

James. David. Kristopher. Cody. Peyton. Andrew. Daniel.

Some of their names.

They all still wait.

Our son and James, who we observed today, they’re just “little men” as our facilitator calls them. They wrestle, they jump, they throw things. They’re like all of the other little boys I’ve met, but without a mama and a papa.

The thing about little men? They NEED a mama and a papa.

That’s what we see in our son. He is demanding, bossy, and pushy. Yet, as we’ve gotten to know him, we’ve seen that he is loving, helpful, protective and sensitive. He needs guidance.

Julia writes passionately for the lost boys. My heart has been stuck lately on the lost men.

The lost men these boys grow up to be. After 18 years without a family. Without security. Without anyone willing to cross an ocean for them.

What do you think? Why don’t these boys have families? What kind of men will they grow up to be?

7 thoughts on “Lost Little Men”

  1. I have updated pictures of the boys you mention in this post. I don't have permission to publish them online yet, but I hope to soon so we can all advocate for them while they are still at the baby house. They are SO precious!

  2. I wish I could go back for more of the "lost boys". God blessed our family with our little Timothy and I would do it again in a heartbeat if He asked me to(I'm whispering that though so hubby doesn't hear me saying it. hehe)!!

  3. Oh Molly, it makes me so sad to read about these little boys. You know I have 2 sons, and it's so true that boys NEED a mom and a dad. They crave that fatherly guidance and love in their lives. And they need their moms so much. I will pray for these boys that God will send them who they need.

  4. Molly, When we adopted Andy from Russia, we waited one month for his referral. We traveled with 2 families who had waited over a year to receive a referral of a girl. These were families who had no previous children. I don't know why. I have 3 sons and 3 daughters through the wonder of adoption and I could not say enough about how wonderful it has been to become the mother of a nearly 13 year old boy. It is challenging and frustrating and fun and halarious to be a part of his life. All of the little "men" at #33 and everywhere else need your voice to champion for them. I am the director of the FIG program for Project HOPEFUL and will be featuring a waiting child every other week or so who not only needs a family, but who needs a FIG-family in the Gap, to raise funds and prayers until a family is found. When selecting who to talk about first, I chose a boy specifically because of what you are talking about here. It will be on the blog tomorrow, but it is going on my personal blog tonight. I pray regularly for families to step forward and be blessed by all of these wonderful children who need them. Never feel reluctant to speak truth like you have today.Traci

  5. AMEN! As an adoptive Mother to THREE boys – all of whom were not chosen and NO family came forward for….. I can say without a doubt that boys need families….. and in our country black boys…. it is all so sad.

  6. I am an adoptive Mother to FIVE boys from Ukraine. It saddens me greatly when people (who claim to be Christians) travel to Ukraine ONLY for girls. I just do not understand. People leave the Country childless rather than coming home with a boy????? It is just so very sad! I wonder how God feels about their choices? Certainly NOT for me to judge!

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