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We got our shirts today. I’m sorry it took so long, but here is a bit more about sizes and stuff from our experience…

Here is what we are wearing:
Lena- 3T. She is about 36″ and 28lbs.
Reed- 5/6. He is about 42″ and about 40lbs.
Me- Adult Small. I am not going to share my height and weight, but I can tell you this shirt fits very typically for an Adult Small.
Aaron- Adult Medium. Again, fits like most other adult mediums.

The kids’ shirts DO run small. About a size at the most. Lena usually wears 2T shirts and Reed is between a 4T and a 5T. The brand is Rabbit Skins. We have some other shirts from this brand, and they also run small.

This is how we started off our photos. I asked her what was wrong and she told me, “Weeeed.” “What about Reed?” “He dancing.” “He can dance if he wants to.” Then I started singing Safety Dance.

This was not posed. He is naturally that heroic looking.

It’s safe to dance.

We can dance!

Everything’s out of control!

We can dance!

I have decided I have enough self esteem to post this photo on the internet.

Yeah, way to miss out on the fun there, Aaron.

Seeing the shirts in person, my favorite colors are black and blue. That being said, I always migrate towards blue and neutrals anyways as they are more universally flattering, but I think those two look really slick with this design.

Go buy a shirt and be cool like us! You can check out this link for details, but they will be on sale until November 29th and then will ship around the middle of December so you will have them by Christmas.

One more thing, we will have a private blog while we are traveling again. If I definitely know your email address, you can just leave me a comment asking to follow or you can shoot me an email, either via the Jot Form or my email address, listed at the right.


We got our travel date today… the last week of November (the week after Thanksgiving). Can you believe it?!?! We were hoping for that week (so we could be home for Lena’s birthday and travel the earliest date possible), but not expecting to hear for another week. We will fly out one year and 4 days after we flew to Ukraine last year.

Super Shirts!– ENDED

The Superman Shirts are now for pre-order. I will be taking orders until November 29th and then I will order all of the shirts, so you can have them by Christmas. They will ship the week of December 12th.


I would like to sell AT LEAST 100. Think we can do it? I have exactly 100 blog followers right now, so if each one of them bough a shirt, we’d be there. I know not everyone can or will buy a shirt, but I know that some of you will buy two or more!
The shirts come in:



6 month
12 month
18 month
24 month
Youth X-Small
Youth Small
Youth Medium
Youth Large
Youth X-Large
Adult X-Small
Adult Small
Adult Medium
Adult Large
Adult X-Large
Adult XX-Large
Adult XXX-Large
Infant, Toddler and Youth sizes run a bit small, so order a size up. I have ordered shirts for our family to sample, and have not received them yet. When I receive them, I will have a better idea of how they fit and will update you all.
How to order: You can purchase two different ways, either via the chip-in on the right side OR through my Etsy store. Whichever way you purchase, please include your shirt size and color choice.
If ordering through the chip-in, shirts are $18 for 6 month through Adult X-Large. Adult XX-Large and Adult XXX-Large are $20. Shipping is $2 per shirt within the US.  If you are ordering 3 or more or live outside the US, contact me so that I can calculate the shipping cost. Please email me or leave a comment on my blog telling me what size and color you need. I cannot see the comments on the chip-in, but I can see your name, email and how much you paid.
Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you for helping us bring Helen home!

It’s all gone.

Our paperwork is gone, out the door. Well, the beginning of it. The paperwork that will hopefully get us registered in a certain Eastern European country next Tuesday is gone. YAY!

Everything seemed to go wrong this week. I will not be surprised if our paperwork somehow gets lost while in transport. We had everything from misunderstands, last minute changes in license numbers, missing clearances and missing notary signatures. Thank God it all came together. I kept telling Aaron that I would not be surprised if the office we needed to go to for the apostilles was on fire or was closed because of the swine flu, or some other freak occurrence. Fortunately, it was open and they were helpful.

I have gotten lots of questions about the shirts and I will have details soon!

Finding Helen, Part 3

Remember the last part? That was Monday morning.

Monday afternoon, 1 PM. I got an email from the agency we had talked to about Helen. The family who had committed to her decided to step down. After talking with their social worker, they felt that they needed more information on Helen’s medical needs and the agency did not believe that they would be able to provide more information. The agency asked if we would consider Helen. In the email, it also mentioned that the family said they would support us financially if we decided to go ahead with Helen’s adoption. 
I emailed them back, saying that we would thinking about it and asked for clarification on what they meant saying that they would support us financially. I started making phone calls… first to Aaron, who was at work. I only talked to him for a couple minutes, telling him what had happened. I knew he was busy, but I wanted him to know so he could start thinking about it.

Then, I called my mom. She told my sister, who was right there while we were on the phone, what had happened. My sister, who had talked to me over the weekend when I was feeling frustrated, made a comment about how this is how things were meant to work out. That is exactly what I had been thinking. Here I had been, in this place of having no clue what was going on, feeling like I was ready to adopt again and just needed to start, yet all the doors seemed to be closing around us. Then this one opened.

Then, I got an email back from the agency, relaying the family’s message. They would put a very large amount of money in Helen’s grant account, if we decided to adopt her, to allow us to move forward with the adoption without worrying about fundraising. I nearly fainted. Instead, I called Aaron and we decided that this is what we had been waiting for, the final piece of the puzzle.

So, we committed to Helen on September 26th. We were hoping to have our dossier registered on October 24th, but it looks like that is not going to happen now. At the latest, it will be registered on November 15th and we will be making our first trip the first week of December, at the latest. We hope to have Helen home by February.

While this other family did give us a very generous grant, we still need to do some fundraising to raise the rest of the money. My best guess is we will still need $5,000-$8,000. This is a lot of money to raise in this small amount of time, but I know that we can do it. Will you help us? We will soon start selling this shirts, ready in time for Christmas…