Finding Helen, Part 3

Remember the last part? That was Monday morning.

Monday afternoon, 1 PM. I got an email from the agency we had talked to about Helen. The family who had committed to her decided to step down. After talking with their social worker, they felt that they needed more information on Helen’s medical needs and the agency did not believe that they would be able to provide more information. The agency asked if we would consider Helen. In the email, it also mentioned that the family said they would support us financially if we decided to go ahead with Helen’s adoption. 
I emailed them back, saying that we would thinking about it and asked for clarification on what they meant saying that they would support us financially. I started making phone calls… first to Aaron, who was at work. I only talked to him for a couple minutes, telling him what had happened. I knew he was busy, but I wanted him to know so he could start thinking about it.

Then, I called my mom. She told my sister, who was right there while we were on the phone, what had happened. My sister, who had talked to me over the weekend when I was feeling frustrated, made a comment about how this is how things were meant to work out. That is exactly what I had been thinking. Here I had been, in this place of having no clue what was going on, feeling like I was ready to adopt again and just needed to start, yet all the doors seemed to be closing around us. Then this one opened.

Then, I got an email back from the agency, relaying the family’s message. They would put a very large amount of money in Helen’s grant account, if we decided to adopt her, to allow us to move forward with the adoption without worrying about fundraising. I nearly fainted. Instead, I called Aaron and we decided that this is what we had been waiting for, the final piece of the puzzle.

So, we committed to Helen on September 26th. We were hoping to have our dossier registered on October 24th, but it looks like that is not going to happen now. At the latest, it will be registered on November 15th and we will be making our first trip the first week of December, at the latest. We hope to have Helen home by February.

While this other family did give us a very generous grant, we still need to do some fundraising to raise the rest of the money. My best guess is we will still need $5,000-$8,000. This is a lot of money to raise in this small amount of time, but I know that we can do it. Will you help us? We will soon start selling this shirts, ready in time for Christmas…


9 thoughts on “Finding Helen, Part 3”

  1. Amazing! Love it! YAY God and YAY for the other family financially supporting her adoption! WOOT WOOT!I am amazed that you will have her home so quickly from there…is it due to her medical state?

  2. How amazing! I had tears in my eyes reading about how the other family was willing to help you financially once they decided Helen didnt belong with them…I love the shirts, too. Have you heard of Wish Upon a Hero? It's an awesome charity group that grants wishes (Amazing Grayce from WA is a wish grantor) I wonder if you signed up to ask for donations, you could raise some money too??? I mean tons of folks are in need of things, but sometimes, a wish like this strikes certain people in different ways… it's worth a shot!I can't wait until Feb. when Helen is home with your family 🙂

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