Cat, anyone?

I am having a bit of a hard time writing the final post… not sure why, just having difficulty finding the words. So, you all must wait until tomorrow. How about some photos in the mean time?

2011-10-14 12.59.34
We went to play at a friend’s house. She has three girls. Reed loved this princess bike and also came downstairs at one point with a funny purple clown hat on, with a tiara over it! It was adorable. Thanks for having us over, Sarah, Erin, Avery and Ember!

This is from 2 weeks ago, when my mom was here. We went over to Manhattan, Kansas to Konza Prairie and went on a hike. Everyone really enjoyed it.

How cute are these two together? This is over at Penguin Park in Kansas City, which is a fun park with lots of playground equipment.

One of the fun things at Penguin Park. He is really enjoying it, right?

Can you read his lips here? “Off!”

Does anyone want a cat? Yes, I am serious. He is adorable and silly, but we can’t keep him and it is supposed to get down to 25 later this week! 1) I am allergic. 2) One of our dogs would eat him, seriously. Somebody, please?

Do you see the new twitter box to the right? I am going to share all of the funny things Reed says.  I stole this idea from my friend Rosemary, who just started tweeting the funny things her son Jonah says. Like this one from the other day…
Me: “Lena, is it okay if we call you Scarlett?”
Lena: “Yes!”
Reed: “I want to be called God.”

4 thoughts on “Cat, anyone?”

  1. Well, I can't wait for the final part of the Helen story, but this is definitely cute, too. And you've made me think that once I can publicize our adoption a little more I should tell the whole story about how we came to adopt her! I've written most of it down one place or another, but until now I hadn't thought about putting it up on the blog for everyone to read.

  2. Keeping track of kids comments is so fun. They love hearing their own quotes years later too. I keep track of ours on our calendar. I scribble them down as soon as possible so I don't forget. That way I remember who said what when.

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