What’s with the Name?

This seems to be the first questions everyone asks us when I tell them what our blog is called. At least you won’t forget it, right?

The Story Behind the Name

This blog originally went by a different name which contained our last name. When I decided to rename it, I wanted something memorable and personal.

Aaron and I love to hike and camp. We’ve been to many national parks, in places like Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Montana, to name a few. I love to see wildlife and even bought a “Got Moose” shirt on our honeymoon in 2009. But, we hadn’t got moose–  the moose was always elusive. We would be on a hike and someone come down the other direction would say “just wait until you see that moose up there!”. We’d look and look– no moose.

By May 2012, with 2 kids and one on the way our long days of hikes were largely over (for now). We travelled to Moscow, Russia to adopt our son Gus. It was our 3rd(out of 4) trip to Moscow and we were becoming familiar with the busy streets of Moscow and the routine of visiting the baby house. By, our our way to the orphanage one morning, there were many cars stopped on the side of our road. Our driver pulled over suddenly, and there, in the middle of the city was a moose! [Here’s my original blog post from that day.]

In a lot of ways, I think that sums up our lives. Things don’t always show up how or where we expect them. We’ve learned to always be prepared for the unexpected– the moose that shows up in a busy city, or the decision to adopt just 8 months after we got married. And, of course, we won’t deny that we’re rather quirky ourselves.

There you go… this blog doesn’t have much to do with Muscovite moose on a daily basis, but our life is always a bit wild!

4 thoughts on “What’s with the Name?”

  1. Hi, I started following you a couple years ago – maybe when we started down a our current adoption road. 🙂

    We adopted from Russia in 2007. In 2012, you must have been among the last families to bring their kids home(?).

    We expect to be in Latvia this summer, bringing home 4 siblings we met, and have been loving, through hosting.

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