Why a new blog name?

As you probably noticed, this blog has a new name. As much as I love blogging, I decided that I didn’t want quite so much information easily available and our last name was obvious with our old blog. You can still use the old URL. However, if you have it in a blog roll on your blog, please update it to the new address.

Why the name “a Moose in Moscow”? I wanted something memorable and personal. When we were in Russia for our court trip, we saw a moose on our way to Gus’s baby home.


Here’s a news story about the moose from a couple of weeks before that trip.

This blog doesn’t really have much to do with Muscovite moose on a daily basis, except that our little Muscovite does have a few pairs of moose pajamas. However, I do hope it’s a winner for the memorability factor.


There are also some other changes happening around here. You may notice that many of the photos are showing “unavailable” right now. I changed the privacy settings for them on Flickr, and unfortunately, it messed up their visibility on my blog. I’m in the process of fixing that, but it will take some time to go through over 300 posts!

3 thoughts on “Why a new blog name?”

  1. Your blog still shows up in my Google Reader as Team ******. Just wanted you to be aware. I’m not sure if you can change that from your end or not. I know I can manually change it myself but that wouldn’t help others who have it on their own Google Reader.

  2. You should really come up with a better name for your blog if you expect to be at all successful in international adoptions both in and outside Russia. Not only do you look weird as a moose, you are offensive to many and it is not needed. You are no relation to President Theodore Roosevelt’s former Bull Moose party and should not involve politics in the welfare of children. Thanks, Sophia Roosevelt

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