A Monday in Moose-cow

A’s orphanage is in a park. A huge, beautiful park. Think Central Park in New York City. So, we are driving down the road today, to get to it, and there are all of these cars pulled over. We drive by them and then, both our driver and our facilitator shout something out in Russian and they proceed to back up the street! “An elk!” our facilitator tells us.


There, she was. I think this is actually a moose, also known as a Eurasian Elk.  The funny thing is, we’ve got on lots of hikes in Moose country in the US, and people have said things like “there’s a moose! Right up there!” and by the time we get up there, it’s gone. So, in a huge city, and we finally see a moose.

Anyways, onto the reason why you read my blog…

A was not too happy to see us, again. He seems to do well once we’re away from his caregivers.



He is still just checking out Aaron. Not sure if he likes him for more than a couple of minutes. I told him that this is okay, because Reed clearly has a preference for Papa. Lena doesn’t have strong feelings either way. So A is allowed to prefer me. 🙂

A liked this little merry-go-round, but only if I would push him. Do you see how he is holding on to my finger?

My favorite part of the day, right there.

We had him try on some clothes today. By try on, I mean held them up, because he wasn’t crazy about the idea. It looks like he is in about 12m clothes. His pants and jacket set yesterday were 9-12m.

We have court tomorrow, at 10am, which is 1am Central time. Please pray that our hearing is successful and goes smoothly.

5 thoughts on “A Monday in Moose-cow”

  1. i was finally able to read one! not sure why i can’t get them on facebook. i am just so happy for you guys. praying for you and so excited to see this through to the end! so glad your family is in our lives.

  2. I think he is trying to say “get me out of all these clothes”! Praying for an easy time in court. We’re
    anxious to hear the wonderful news!

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