First Stop: Baby A

We made it to Moscow! We literally went straight from the airport to the baby house.

He was not happy to see us. I can’t blame him. We are strangers, so of course he doesn’t want to leave his nice caregiver to go with us.


But, we went outside. Our facilitator grabbed a little push tricycle for him.  He was okay with that… we pushed him around for a bit, took him out and more tears. I distracted him… this boy loves kisses, raspberries and eskimo kisses. You can tell he doesn’t quite no what to make of it, yet, so he leans in for another one.

P5260047 copy

We started to get some more tears, so I sat down on a swing with him, and just gently rocked back and forth. He made himself comfortable. And barely moved for 20 minutes. I sang to him and he just cuddled up. I am not sure if he ever actually fell asleep, but definitely close to it.


He was starting to slip off my lap a bit so I moved him. He didn’t mind.

P5260052 copy

He laid like that, until Aaron got closer to him, then he sat up, alert. He does not know what to think of Aaron. He has probably not been around too many men, especially not ones who want to play with him.  So, I put A down after a few minutes, and we walked around. He can walk independently, but is still a bit unsteady, so he prefers to hold a hand. He did not want to hold Aaron’s hand, but later reconsidered…


We spent the rest of our visit walking around and playing with the gravel, which he tried to eat.

Excited to go visit him tomorrow! Hopefully he will feel a bit more comfortable with us for the entire visit.

8 thoughts on “First Stop: Baby A”

  1. Wow! So hard to believe you were here just yesterday and now you’re there with your sweet boy! He’s adorable! We all send our love.

  2. So glad you guys are there safely! And hopefully it was no big deal that you didn’t get there when planned. I love the photos. I think my favorite is the one of Aaron and Baby A. Aaron looks so tall, and Baby A looks so tiny! 🙂

  3. Love, love, LOVE! He looks like such a sweetie. Tell Aaron to be persistent. 🙂 He’ll win the little dude over. 🙂 So glad to see you three together again!

  4. Reed and Lena would like to come and play on all the fun looking stuff……..We’re booking our tickets on United now. Oh wait, we would never make it in time.

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