One Step Closer

We got one step, or more like one giant leap closer to coming home today. But, let me rewind and tell you about it.

We left our apartment before 7am to drive up to a small town, to “unregister” Lyuda. We arrived at the office at 8:30. They didn’t open until 9am. We walked around and took some photos.

The office where we needed to go.

The library up the road.

Inside the library.

The polyclinic (doctor’s office).

Once our facilitators could get in, we waited some more. When they finally came out, they looked frustrated. “We can’t unregister her because she’s not registered!” Aiyiyi. After making a few phone calls, they discovered that we needed a piece of paper that a family member had picked up yesterday.

This instantly made me nervous, because Lyuda and this family member don’t have the best relationship (no fault of Lyuda’s). Fortunately, we were able to get ahold of this person after a couple of calls to other family members. I could tell Lyuda wasn’t thrilled to call this person, but she sucked it up and demanded that they give us this paper. Oksana even commented on how Lyuda knew how to talk to them forcefully to get what we needed.

They agreed, but we had to drive an hour to go pick it up. Typical Ukrainian village road that we drove on today for a few hours. I don’t recommend Ukraine for the easily carsick.

While waiting for this person to meet us, we saw a bunch of goats go for a walk.

Once we had what we needed, we headed back to the registration office. Here are Oksana and Lyuda waiting for the good news that we got what we needed there.

Then, we had to drive an hour to the passport office. It was 11:30am, and they closed at 1pm. Fortunately, it was just an hour away. Once we arrived, we waited some more, and with just about 2o minutes left in their working day, we were called into the office. I could see the passport on the desk, as I listened to Olya and the director of this office speaking. I so badly wanted to just grab it off the desk and get out of there. Fortunately, a few signatures later and it was ours.

Everyone, Lyuda especially, was thrilled to finally have our hands on this important document. It’s the key to going home. Lyuda could not stop smiling.

Lastly, we had to drive back to Kyiv to get her medical exam file. We needed her passport before we could do this.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the drive back to Kyiv. This is true rural Ukraine.

A potato stand along the side of the highway.

The massive deforestation happening everywhere we visited.

A pair of storks, in their nest on top of a street light. One also flew over our van as we were driving down the highway.

Entering back into Kyiv oblast.

Taken for Reed, of course.

We were able to pick up her medical file in Kyiv, and then we are done, until tomorrow when we will go to the embassy again. If we can get her visa tomorrow, as we should be able to do, we will be ready to go home!!

We walked around in the mall and stands under the Maidan tonight. We have seen this man with his impressive attire, mustache and hair. We gave him some money and took a photo. He really wanted us to be in the photo with him!

Hopefully just two more sleeps in our apartment beds, and home we go!

4 thoughts on “One Step Closer”

  1. Wonderful news! Congratulations to getting the passport – finally!
    The photos of the countryside are gorgeous. So beautiful!
    And the library makes me smile. I am a librarian, and I once went to the children’s library in “our” Eastern European town. It lacked modern technology and resources completely, but when talking to the librarians it was like talking to any colleague at home. All the same thoughts and concerns :-).

  2. Ohhhhh that library, and the folding seats and the floors remind me so much of “The Hallway” where we spent hours and hours and HOURS waiting for a signature in Odessa.
    I am so glad you’re done. I cannot believe the relative issue! Good for Lyuda for being so brave!

  3. Love all of the pictures! Makes me long to be in Ukraine this time of year again. We absolutely loved getting to see the real life, everyday sights and sounds of Ukraine. Awww, thanks for sharing 🙂

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