Going Home

We did it– we have her visa!!!

Rewind 14 hours.

We took the metro one stop to meet Oksana early this morning. She escorted us to the embassy. We took the metro some distance, and then we walked through a park. It was a chilly, windy morning, but the park made for a very nice walk.

We arrived at the embassy, and we got in for our interview pretty quickly. Since Lyuda is only 13, I said the oath for her and signed a bunch of papers. Done. Then we just needed to wait for her visa. While we waited, we met another host family who was finishing their daughter’s adoption. We waited for over an hour, but we got it!

When we walked out of the embassy, Oksana had a little surprise for Lyuda… balloons!! Oksana is just so sweet and thoughtful… she told Lyuda that it was her day and the balloons would let everyone know that she had something to celebrate.

We walked back to the metro, and I asked Oksana to join us for lunch. We went to a restaurant called Star Burger. I would highly recommend it for Americans looking for some yummy food like home.

We sat and talked with Oksana for a long time. Although she is young, she is so wise. She can pass wisdom onto Lyuda so loving, like recently when she told her that she is beautiful and doesn’t need to wear makeup. Lyuda stopped wearing makeup that day. No kidding.

When it was finally time to go, there were tears. The first time Lyuda has cried when saying goodbye to anyone. Oksana is wonderful, and our adoption was so much better having her help.

We headed back to our apartment for a little bit, but not for too long, as Lyuda’s godmother wanted to meet up with us.

We first walked around a bit. I wanted to see if the festival of the eggs (pysanky) was set up yet. Not entirely, but we saw a bit.


We decided to take the metro to do a bit of shopping. We went back to Petrivka, where there are many markets and stands to shop at. I was hoping to find one last gift.

Lyuda’s godparents bought her some new shoes, as well as a couple of other gifts. They were so sweet– they insisted on paying for the metro and buying us all dinner. We were glad for the opportunity to meet them. Her godmother said “thank you for adopting her. I am so happy!”


Lastly, back to the apartment to pack. Lyuda has gotten a lot of phone calls tonight to say goodbye. There was a particularly adorable moment between her biological grandmother and my mom where they were saying “hi” to each other on the phone. What a special family that Lyuda brings together.

3 thoughts on “Going Home”

  1. Such a long journey coming to a close – but the new chapter is about to begin. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photographs on this portion of your adventure. Felt like we were there! Safe travels!

  2. Hopefully this question isn’t insensitive, but i was curious as to why she wasn’t staying with her family as opposed to an orphanage?

    It looks so beautiful there!

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