Back in the US

We are home. While I was looking forward to a clothes dryer and ice cubes, I wasn’t quite ready to come home. It was particularly weird to come home just before Superbowl Sunday. With the million dollar commercials and all of the excesses of this one day, I couldn’t get the kids out of my head. They refuse to allow it either, regularly messaging me, asking for any type of help I can offer.

The contrast seems ridiculous to me. The cold, hungry, lonely kids, who the world overlooks, meanwhile we spend hours of our lives watching overpaid grown men fight over a ball. Sorry, football fans.


But, we are home. It was good to see our kids, who were happy and spoiled while we were gone. They were glad to see us, but spending time with their grandparents is a favorite, too.

We finally celebrated Gus’s 5th birthday. He’s been waiting for this moment for months, and then it was delayed a few extra days by our trip.

Life is, sort of, back to normal. We are just waiting to hear when we will return for court, hopefully in early March.


4 thoughts on “Back in the US”

  1. Does KU even have football? 😉 But seriously, I spent my time at the ice rink Super Bowl weekend reading “Against Football” by Steve Almond. I’ve been a longtime fan, but waning. I didn’t watch any of the game. I’m starting to sense a backlash against all the extravagance, small for now, but growing for a variety of reasons, including what you mentioned.

    Missing you know who!

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