The Date

We have a court date… We’ve actually known for about 10 days, but I have been holding out on you. March 17.


In my defense, I found out while at lunch with my coworkers. We all work remotely, so we only see each other in person about twice a year. As we were wrapping up lunch, I pulled my phone out of my pocket to check the time and noticed that I had a message from Oksana, one of our facilitators, and just from the preview, it was clear we had a court date. The next notification on my phone told me that our servers were down. So, I announced, “we have a court date, but our servers are down!” Kind of chaotic for a few minutes as we got things resolved, but such is my life.

Next week we’ll head to Ukraine. In a period of about 8 days, we’ll spent 30+ hours in the car, 20+ flying (plus time hanging around airports), and 15+ hours on a train. Whoa.

This is our schedule:

Monday: Arrive, go straight from the airport to the train station. Get on overnight train.
Tuesday: Wake up in a city we’ve never been to before. Visit some kids at the orphanage for Project One Forty Three. Take overnight train back to Kyiv.
Wednesday: Arrive back in Kyiv. Meet up with facilitators to drive to the hotel we stayed at last time, located in the same town where we’ll have court. Sleep in a real bed–  well, a real Ukrainian bed.
Thursday: Court. Likely all day. When we finally are done, go back to Kyiv.
Friday: Paperwork in Kyiv. And hopefully a fun excursion of some kind.
Saturday: Fly home.

This trip is ambitious, even for us, the lovers of planning crazy trips that involve minimal sleep.

My biggest prayer request is that court goes smoothly. We’ve been warned that it will likely be a long, drawn out, interrogating type of experience. This was not the case with our other adoptions, where we had very brief court visits with adoption-friendly judges. In addition to this judge being hesitant with adoptions (putting it lightly), we have a couple of other things against us. For example, we are young… I am only old enough to adopt Lyuda by 17 days. We’ll see what ammunition the judge and the prosecutor will use against us.


5 thoughts on “The Date”

  1. I don’t know if this will ease your mind at all, but my oldest son and I are just three months older than the minimum age for adoptions in Russia. They did ask me about it (I still get asked about it, and he’s been home 13 years), but it turned out to be less of a big deal than I and my facilitator thought it would be. Congratulations on your court date.

  2. Heaps of luck for a hassle-free court process. I hope they’ll get some information from the social workers etc about how she is with you, and they’ll see she is meant for your family – regardless of the 17 days!

  3. Love and prayers coming your way for a smooth court hearing. I was put through the ringer by a overly zealous prosecutor when I adopted Z from Russia, but as intense as it was, it all worked out in the end and I believe this adoption will too. The love you all have for each other is evident and love always finds a way.

  4. Wishing you all the best and hoping that court will not be too difficult! Soon you will be all together!

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