Gus’s 4th Birthday

It’s pretty great being 4.

Gus got a pretty laid back 4th birthday. We got some winter weather today, so we hung out at home.

We played on my bed.



He opened gifts.

I made him a jib-jab birthday card. And it was funny the first time.

But, it only seemed to get funnier and funnier to him the more he watched it.2015-02-01_0008

And of course, there was cake…


Gus’s birthday is always a special one for me. We committed to adopt him right around his first birthday and met him just 13 days later. The other thing that’s so special about his fourth birthday is that this is the first birthday we’ve celebrated with each of our kids. Reed was almost 4 when we adopted him, so it’s fun to see how they’re all different at 4 and also see some similarities, too. Here’s a post from Lena’s fourth birthday and here’s a post from Reed’s fourth birthday.

Happy Birthday, Gus!

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