Happy Birthday, Ilya!

Today is Ilya’s 4th birthday! We are celebrating it with a few wonderful friends tonight.

But, this morning, I looked up the Russian birthday song on youtube. And after one try, I found the birthday song which Ilya clearly knows and LOVES. He got so excited.

This is him being a “babushka” last night, in his hooded towel after a bath. Calling himself a “babushka” was all him!

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ilya!”

  1. Ilya is so stinkin' adorable! How cute is he singing and dancing? Happy Birthday, Ilya! The first of many wonderful birthdays to come in your new home.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Ilya! From the first time my husband laid eyes on him he said "sweetest boy ever". He knew right away there is something very special about sweet Ilya. Happy birthday precious boy…we are so happy you are home with your family to celebrate today.

  3. Hi! Maria again… There is even a translation for the lyrics: Let the pedestrians walk clumsily through the puddles And let the water run over the asphalt in a river. It’s unclear to the passersby, On this rainy day, Why I’m so happy. But I’m playing the concertina For all the passersby to see. Unfortunately, Birthdays Only come once a year. I wish that a wizard Would fly in, in a light blue helicopter, And show a movie for free. He would wish me a happy birthday And probably, leave as a present 500 ice cream sandwiches.

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