Since his birthday was earlier this week, I’ll share with you a bit about Ilya.


This kid is hilarious. He talks constantly (and loudly) in Russian and now in English too. He has already figured out that when mom asked him what happened/what he did/what he is about to do (as in when I suspect him of trouble), the right answer is “ummmmm.” He picks up English like crazy, understands most of what I say to him, and will repeat whatever I tell him to (and a lot of what I don’t tell him to). He also easily retains his from day to day, like asking me for “more clementines, please”. Today he walked out of the room and said “I’ll be back” in perfect English and Aaron and I turned and looked at each other, “did he just saying that?” I asked “did you teach him that today?” “No, but I say it to him sometimes.” We both tell him that when we leave the room, hoping he’d pick up on the meaning and now he is saying it to us too!


He is very creative, like deciding his hooded towel made him a Babushka, or a piece of string on the floor is a “simia” (a snake).


He already learned the ABC song and sings it whenever we wash our hands and randomly throughout the day too. He also knows most of the signs and songs from our signing time videos now too.

He is very affectionate and loves it when his papa gets home. I usually say “Papa’s home” and he looks at me in disbelief. Then, he runs to the back door and keeps running back and forth telling me “Papa! Papa!” He is also a loving and protective brother!


He also loves our dogs now. He sometimes even shuts the backdoor (we have a doggie door in our screen door) to keep the dogs inside. Or tries to let the dogs out of their crates when mama is busy! Lena is still scared of the dogs, so he holds them and tells her “nice donkeys. nice donkeys.”


He was rocking Nina, the dog sitting on the chair, just before I took this video. Pushing the chair for her. I am not sure that she appreciated it.

Ilya really is such a special boy. He is still struggling with our rules and expectations at times, but he has adjusted to having a family so well and easily.

7 thoughts on “Ilya”

  1. Hi Molly & Aaron,We have enjoyed keeping up on your blog and seeing the photos and videos of the children. We hope you all have a wonderful New Year.Patty & Tom Lococo

  2. He is such an adorable child. It´s remarkable how easily he´s picking up English, it´ll no dubt be an asset for him later on how well he can pick up languages (not that little children are absolute sponges). And I find it really cute that he calls the dogs donkeys 🙂

  3. He sounds like such a bright boy! Bright as in intelligent and as in he brightens your day. I LOVE those moments as a parent where your child says something and it just completely surprises you because you had no idea they knew that or were that smart! Kids are such sponges and it's truly amazing to watch them learn.

  4. Donkeys! That is hysterical. I absolutely love the picture of them hugging. It is too cute they are close and supportive. I'm 100% sure that children learn by example and what is modeled, not by being 'taught' so I loved reading about how he learned "I'll be back" 😉 Stuff like that makes me smile. They are just so precious.

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