31/365: Kiss Monster?

While we’ve had our outdoor trampoline for a few weeks now, Aaron and my bed has long been the indoor trampoline.

Last week, Gus and I came up with a new game. He would jump and I, playing the part of monster, would tickle him. Every day, he’s been asks, “can I jump on a bed and monster can get you?” We also added another twist where he “kisses monster”, but instead of getting a kiss back, the monster grabs him and tickles him. So, his other question has been, “can I kiss monster?”

Aaron had to run out for a bit this morning, but when he got home, Gus wanted Aaron to play the part of “monster”.






These are close to the last photos taken of Gus as a 3 year old (there’s one more recent one on Instagram). Tomorrow is his birthday!

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