30/365: My Desk

So, my desk. I wanted my desk space to be perfect. I work at least 30 hours a week for my real job + many more hours editing photos, blogging, etc. I’ve sort of “managed” for the last couple of years, making work spaces where I can, as needed. But, I wanted a very useable and also attractive workspace. I decided it needed to be in our bedroom, because it was the best location for being central to the house, but also offering a door to hide behind when needed. This is really necessary if the kids are home– I need to be able to keep an eye on them, but also close the door if I have to jump into a quick meeting.

But, who wants a desk in their bedroom? Especially a desk with a computer + extra monitor + backup hard drive + notes? I really didn’t want to be reminded of work when I didn’t want to be working. Plus, I can find it hard to sleep with any bit of extra light and both my computer and my backup harddrive have lights on them, even when in sleep mode.

A computer armoire seemed like the natural solution, but in our already small bedroom, I thought another big piece of furniture would seem clunky, plus what a pain to move and generally on the more expensive side.

Then, I saw a pin on Pinterest…
Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 9.44.03 PM

And a table on Ana White’s amazing blog…
Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 9.48.03 PM

And, the wheels started turning…

On Saturday evening, I explained my whole wild idea to Aaron. I think I even started it, with, “I have this crazy idea and I don’t know if it’s even feasible or if it would be too difficult…” And by late Sunday afternoon, he had built it…

The top folds up, revealing my second monitor. The front flips down, so I can pull out my keyboard and mouse, as well as have a bit of space to put my notebook or a drink. Splitting the top in half gave me just the right height to set my laptop on one side and mount the external monitor on the other.

I really love it.

I love that I can hide my work stuff, computers, notes, and all, in just seconds.

But, it also has great function for working. I have everything in one place.

With the door that opens to our dining room directly to my right, it makes it very easy to keep an eye on homework time and just know what everyone is up to, without being right in the middle of it.

I’m thankful that my awesome husband didn’t just understand my idea, but also acted on it and built me something totally custom that is perfect to me and our house.

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