28/365: Yesterday was the perfect weather. 70 degrees and sunny. When I saw how nice it was going to be, I scheduled a dog park date with my friend Amanda. A trip to the dog park is always more fun when she’s along.

We played on the round bales again. Here is Gus, asking for help jumping across from bale to bale.

Then he started to throw hay at me. And, I encouraged it.

That is one of those iconic bits of a Midwestern childhood for me, at least seeing it through my kids’ eyes. Playing on a hay bale with a big blue sky above.

“Can I carry Margo, please?” If you bring your tiny dog to the dog park for exercise, make sure Reed is not around to baby them. 🙂

I don’t think Margo minded, though.

Then, we found another set of hay bales and this happened.

Until Gus decided he was done and started pulling on my arm. “Mama, it’s time to go!”

But, I’m not sure it’s ever time to go when the sun is still shiny and it’s 70 degrees out.

Yesterday, was just gorgeous and even once we came home, the kids play outside until it was totally dark and I called them in for dinner. How I love days like that.

29/365: Today, the winter temperatures were back, still a mild 40, but we also had the bitter wind. The wind made being outside feel brutal.

I barely left the house all day, and realized at about 7pm that I hadn’t picked up my camera all day either. Gus said, “Mama, is it dark outside?” “Yes” “It’s spooky out dere.”

I don’t know if I’d call it spooky. The stars are lovely.

Copying my photo from Saturday. This is my ideal for a day like today. Curled up in bed, reading. I finished the Hardest Peace over the weekend and I decided to do a bible study. I wanted something really simple and I ended up downloading the Bible in One Year app. I love how the scripture is right in the app and the commentary is short.

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