27/365: Stuck

I’ve been feeling kind of stuck. Literally stuck, because 2 years ago, we really though we’d be moving soon and yet we’re still here. My wanderlust is real. But, I also feel stuck in other ways. Stuck because we struggle to break out of the pattern of being late for school every morning. Stuck because I couldn’t find a preschool that matched up with my schedule better. Stuck because there are a couple of milestones I’m eager to see my kids hit and they haven’t reached them as quickly as I hoped.

I’ve also been feeling stuck creatively. I actually think all of the above adds into how I’m feeling creatively. Stuck routine = no inspiration for creativity. And, the thoughts start… if only it was summer, if only we lived somewhere more interesting, if only the days were longer, if only I had more time to devote, if only I had xyz gear…

I am trying to break myself out of this thought process of making up excuses. I am trying to challenge myself to make interesting photos, even if I feel a bit… bored. To just keep pushing through the stuck feeling.

Today, I was happy with what I imported to my computer.

Challenges of being the youngest child.


My little mama’s boy, with my camera strap in his hands.

Shoes started coming off.


Another beautiful day behind the camera.

2 thoughts on “27/365: Stuck”

  1. Hi to all of you
    I know what your feeling in a sense as far as being stuck, with such gloominess out in the winter, and that stifles things without question.
    Where is it you want to move ?

  2. Some of the best inspiration, artistic and otherwise, comes from those periods of being stuck. Your brain is just busy coming up with new ideas. 🙂

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