25-26/365: Outdoors

25/365: We had to run some errands yesterday which took us into Kansas City. Being the perfectly normal family that we are, we did a geocache at a castle.2015-01-26_0004

I’ll admit, when we pulled up, this place looked more creepy than cool to me, but I reminded myself that castles always equal adventure.

Kansas City. Kansas City generally just makes me miss the bigger cities I grew up visiting.

26/365: Speaking of the East Coast? I’ve been texting my mom our weather forecast and her own, asking when she’s booking a plane ticket. They’re in that part of the country currently getting slammed with snow.


60+ degrees and sunny. We usually have a few days like this throughout winter, but it’s actually supposed to get up to about 70 on Wednesday.

Of course, we got out and enjoyed it.


So while many of you are shoveling snow, I’ll be trying to figure out how to best spend our 70 degree day. (Sorry. Not really. Come visit us.) Gus is pretty sure that going swimming is an option.

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