3/365: Snow

We’re getting a bit of snow tonight. Not a whole lot, but since we’ve only had one other little snow so far this year, it’s exciting. It’s also the first snow since Big L has been here.

Both Big L and Gus currently call snow/snowing “snowman”. “Mama, is it snowman outside?” It’s pretty cute and I love that they both do it.

We have a streetlight right in front of our house, and the snow looks so beautiful coming down in front of it.

I asked Big L if she wanted to come out with me, because 1. she likes snow and 2. I’ve barely taken any photos of her this time.

I used a flash, which is why the sudden drop-off from her black clothing into the darkness behind her. The flash reflects off of the snow, which I kind of love.

Big L can’t just be out in the snow or anywhere without writing me a sweet note.

She is such a sweet kid. Also, notice that she’s wearing Aaron’s shoes. 🙂

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