Everybody was Jumpin’, Jumpin’

Today was a good day. I started it off by baking cookies and Big L jumped right in to help, mixing things for me.

Meanwhile, Aaron was picking up the last pieces needed for our early Christmas surprise… the trampoline. We gave the kids the choice to wait until Christmas or have it a bit early, an option which seemed best to me with our slightly warmer temps today and this week off from school.

The kids could barely wait to get on it!


She is so good with him. At bedtime, he insisted that she take him up to bed.

This one loves laying on the trampoline and yelling at everyone around her for jumping.

“I want to sit on lap”.


It was a lot of fun. The boys did NOT understand why they had to come in, even though it was totally dark out and getting rather cold. I know they’re looking forward to more jumping tomorrow!

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