The Chickens

Two posts ago, I told you about the chickens. We walked to pick up our car, making a special stop to see the chickens. Gus loves them so, so very much.

He also loves his belly.

Running up to them.

He literally could not stop “jumping for joy” at the sight of them.

If I need to remember something about him most of all from the age of 3.5, it is that he literally jumps for joy when he can contain his excitement no longer.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an add. This is his “But, chickens, mama!” face.


They’re not too far, Gus. We’ll be back to see them again soon.

One thought on “The Chickens”

  1. Jenia has an incredible obsession with chickens, and raves about what looks like a chicken coop in the pictures from BH7. Do you think they really had them there?

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